Måns Tellhed

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Måns Tellhed

Måns is working out of his own studio and occasionally in RoastingHouse Studio 6, producing and writing songs on a daily basis for international artists on behalf of RoastingHouse Music’s clients. Måns studied music production for 3 years at BIMM University and has taken numerous standalone courses in music theory, sound design, mixing etc. Måns main instrument is keyboard and his genre goes mostly towards House, Hip-Hop, Trap, Western Pop, Electronica etc.

Words from Måns:
Music production is a great passion of mine. It’s an adventure every time that I go into the studio and I always aim to create something unique and exciting, with the specific song’s purpose in mind. I am very particular with each step of the production process and a lot of my attention goes into the details. Because as a frequent music listener, whether a song grips my soul or just passes me by, often depends on its details and how much effort has been put into creating sounds that you can not only hear, but also feel. It’s a big difference between a synth pad that has some depth and one that opens up a new dimension within the song. Or between a decent kick drum and one that fills up your whole body. Music is an experience and I am extremely grateful for being able to give that to the world.

My musical ID contains deep bass sounds, smooth yet punchy kick drums, atmospheric pads, vocal FX, bright percussion and acoustic instruments to name a few.

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