Take a short tour of the RoastingHouse Studio Complex. We want to be with you from start to finish, that’s why we offer everything from songwriting/project studios to our fully fledged flagship Studio 1, equipped with the Avid S6 and Avid HDX System, and one of the biggest live rooms in Sweden.


Our publishing division, which controls most of our artist rosters and our multi Platinum and Gold awarded producers/songwriters who have several cuts on various successful albums. We are one of the most succesful international publishers in Japan with countless cuts for their artists. Why? Because we care for you and your music.


We are very proud of our origin in the hardrock and metal scene since this is how we got started in the business. In 2013 we launched our rock/hardrock and metal label, Dead End Exit Records, distributed through Sound Pollution for Europe. We scouted out upcoming bands and presented them for the professional music industry and with great success!


In todays online world its imperative to stay connected, we belive in by bringing our creators closer togehter. we also bring the magic closer togehter. Many of our writers have their own studio here in the RoastingHouse Studio Complex.

Meet our Creators!

30 Years of RoastingHouse!

“A commitment to the music”

As owner and Managing Director I want to say that I am very proud and thankful to all of the RoastingHouse staff members, our writers, artists, bands and close business partners. My heart goes out to my life partner and soulmate Leena and I would like to share the following with you.

If you are involved in music, in one way or another, there is always a chance to achieve great success. To be successful you have to dedicate all your time and efforts to reach your goals, its a commitment to the music.

Thank you all and there will be at least 20 more years to go!

Keep smiling.

Anders ”Theo” Theander

We are RoastingHouse

Meet us!


Anders Theo Theander
Owner / Mixing Engineer
Email: theo@roastinghouse.com


Micko Twedberg
Dead End Exit / Label Manager / A&R
Email: micko@roastinghouse.com


Dan Hodges
RoastingHouse Rep. in Nashville
Email: dan@roastinghouse.com


Leena Theander
Backoffice / Studio Hostess
Email: leena@roastinghouse.com


Johan Nylén
A&R Sharp Music Sweden
Email: johan@roastinghouse.com


Jessica ”Jes” Bergkvist
Song Plugger / Creative Manager / Music Creator (LA)
Email: jes@roastinghouse.com


Hajda Mårtensson
Assistant Project Manager
Email: hajda@roastinghouse.com