Magnus Möller


Magnus Möller

Magnus is working out of his own studio, producing and writing songs on a daily basis for international artists on behalf of RoastingHouse Music’s clients. Being a musician Magnus has spent countless of hours touring with his  bands and in studio sessions, which makes him a very skilled musician as well.

Magnus’ main instruments are Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass, and Piano/Keyboard, but he can make way through a variety of more instruments in the studio process.

His genres are very mixed, but he has had his base in Rock, Blues, Country and Acoustic Rock/Pop since his teens.
He does however take on every genre given, and his music has a warm feel, and he takes great pride in crafting his lyrics and melodies, as well as his vocal production and overall sound.

Words from Magnus Möller:

Producing music is a deeply rooted passion and need for me, and I thrive on the challenges of writing music for different artists and genres.
I love using my own influences to create something that sounds unique, whether is be from instruments, in a rhythm, vocally, lyrically or melody-wise.
I love a great harmony, and a choir-esque background for those big moments.
I try to connect it all with my lyrics and the flow of the melody and the vocals.
I love simple scaled down songs with just vocals, lyrics, and a single instrument, as well as big productions fit for an arena or a packed danceclub.
I get really excited about working with other composers and producers, because it allows me to create something that I  neither would or could’ve created by working alone.

My musical ID contains warm, catchy melodies and hooks, with harmonies where they may fit, drums, bass, a groovy rythm, electric and acoustic guitar, atmospheric add-ons, a good portion of vocals, some effects to highlight parts.
I really love to write toplines to other composers electronic och other music, it’s getting to be a really exciting part of my process, as well as I keep writing my own productions more organic.
I work pretty fast once I start, and a song that speaks to me rarely takes me more than 30 minutes to write a topline for.
Same goes for a song where I write the music aswell. I write all my songs with an acoustic guitar, or simply in my head.

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