Jonas Ekdahl

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Jonas Ekdahl

Jonas is working out of his own home studio but has a second, mobile recording rig that makes it easy for him to do sessions while travelling, being on tour or just meet up with other creators wherever there is room.

Jonas main instrument is the drums, but when it comes to songwriting he prefers to write on piano/keyboard or guitar. He is always open to write in many different genres and push himself both musically and technically.

In his productions he like to combine the clean with the dirty, and the digital feel with the organic feel.

Jonas has been touring around the world and recording albums since he was 19 years old with the band Evergrey, where he is playing the drums and is very involved in the production and songwriting. Jonas has also done session work for Swedish metal bands like In Flames and Dead by April.

Jonas has many cuts with established international artists in various genre.

Words from Jonas Ekdahl

It’s important to me to have an open mind, not be afraid to try new things and to step out of my comfort zone. I love when there’s something that feels challenging, where I really have to push myself.

I always search to find that special feel or vibe for every song I write or produce. One of my favourite things when it comes to songwriting is to write together with new and different people. It’s amazing how the inspiration can take you places you never expected just by meeting and writing with a new person.

Regarding the production I love blending the beautiful with the ugly and I’m a sucker for big choruses, contrasts and dynamics within the song.

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