Johan Björk

Johan Björk

Johan Björk / Jay Birch

Johan Björk works out of RoastingHouse Studio 7 and has many cuts with international acts under his belt. To mention a few: Chang Min, Nick Clyne, ENOKA, Stonefunkers, Alex Runo, Nasrene….. He also travels between Sweden and Los Angels co writing with top notch American creators and artists.

He’s also the main creator/producer with the artist Alex Runo and Korean Superstar MAX CHANGMIN 최강창민 has made a MV – Korean cover version of “Devil” 13,955,727 views Jan 13, 2022:

Words from Johan:

“I am a self taught musician, songwriter, producer and remixer based in Malmö, Sweden. My main instrument is piano which I started playing at around age 7, and then I have also added guitar and bass to my arsenal.

Although my main genre has always been soul, funk and RnB, the style of music doesn’t really matter to me.It just has to have some kind of groove or vibe. To evoke some kind of emotion in the listener, whether that is just to make you feel good and wanna dance or to feel something deeper. “

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