Erik “Berchi” Horvath

Erik Horvath

Erik “Berchi” Horvath

Erik is working out of RoastingHouse studio 11, producing and writing songs on a daily basis for international artists on behalf of RoastingHouse Music’s global clients. Erik also works as Sync Assistant at RoastingHouse Music and handling various creative tasks regarding sync and other placements.

Being a musician Erik has spent countless hours playing in bands which makes him a very skilful musician as well. While also having performed as a musician he is also a professional DJ playing in high profile clubs nightclubs every single week.

Erik has also studied music production and Piano for 3 years at Mega upper secondary school.

Erik’s main instrument is keyboard and his genre goes mostly towards EDM/Pop/Urban. Erik’s productions sound truly unique and exclusive because of his background as a Touring Dj, and him having started his musical journey through EDM/ House music.

Words from Erik:
Music production for me is a way to share feelings and stories. For every song that I produce I always try to share a feeling or a message. I see music as poetry and every song as a unique story. I focus on always finding new and unique sounds but most importantly conveying a message or feeling. Because I see music as an expression of life. Sometimes the message can be a groovy house beat that takes over control of your body and makes you dance and sometimes it can be a real life story that is translated and performed through my musicality. My biggest focus as a songwriter and producer has always been melodies. I as a musician always seek to touch the audience’s soul with unique and memorable melodies which is also why most of my time writing songs is spent on the piano so they sound good acoustically then I transform the song into a modern produced final song.

My musical ID contains beautiful and memorable melodies, groovy drums, thoroughly orchestrated orchestras and groovy basslines to name a few things.

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