Eber Calderon

Eber Calderon

Eber Calderon

Eber is working out of his own studio, producing and writing songs on a daily basis for international artists on behalf of RoastingHouse Music’s clients. As a musician and an artist Eber spent countless hours writing, arranging and performing with his artist project EB11. As a guitarist Eber has collaborated with other artists in many studio sessions which also makes him a very skill full and versatile musician.

Eber’s music has been featured in many famous T.V shows in the likes of The Voice, Counting Cars and Wheeler Dealers among many others, but after many years of playing live and being an artist himself Eber decided to go behind the scenes and focus more in what he loves the most about music, the creative process. This let him to study a 3 year bachelor’s program on music production and songwriting at Linnaeus University in Sweden.

Eber’s main instrument is the electric guitar and his genres goes mostly towards Pop, Rock, Soul, Indie-Pop, Electronica, Western Pop, among others.

Eber’s productions sounds truly unique and exclusive due to the fact that he uses a lot of organic instruments, which makes every production has its own character.

Words from Eber Calderon
Music production for me is everything, and I love to experiment and try new things on every project I work on. For every song that write and produce I always try to create unique sounds, rhythms, harmonies, and blends of music geners that are specifically there to convey an emotion. Because at the end of the day it’s all about emotions and what the song wants to express.

The way you combine a synthesiser with and effect or how you combine a rhythm pattern with certain chord progression must have a purpose. Everything you do on a song got to be there for a reason. Much like everything has its purpose in life. Because it is the combination of things that creates the whole. When I write and produce songs I always try to create something unique that can resonate with people and that hopefully can become part of the soundtrack of their lives.

My musical ID contains authentic organic percussion, synthesizers, big bass, groovy beats, atmospheric pads, distortion, acoustic instruments, a lot FX to name a few things.

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