Sophia “Tako” Jakobsson

Songwriter/Producer/Top Liner/Vocalist/Musician/Artist
Genres as Top Liner: Pop/Soul/RnB/Urban/EDM

Introducing sensual, feminine, dark electronic R&B infused with nordic melodies. Focusing on lyrics and harmonies Sophia creates an ambient sphere of emotions that are accompanied by heavy beats and deep bass. Her inspiration comes from strong women who write, produce and create their own artistic sound. Sophia now takes her place as not only an artist but also a producer. In her productions she invites the listener into a dark and sensual world lined with flowers and smoke.

Words From Sophia Tako: What drives me is to create a space where the listener steps into my world. A world based on a certain feeling that I transformed into a sound image. Ground breaking is also important to me, and I'm actively working for girls and non-binary humans to feel complete and dare to move forward in life and want to work towards what they dream about. In 10 years: I see myself as a successful artist AND producer who not only writes and produces music to myself but also to others. I have mastered the production art and have formed educational programs and create forums for other young musicians (especially girls) where they can develop in an open and permissive space. Today I see that the standards of music production and how a music producer looks must be broken down and rebuilt where all and everyone have a given place. I want to be part of opening up the music industry to all.