Simon Hansson

Creating good sound has always been my passion, it all started around when I was 11 years and I bought an old dual cassette player at a yard sale. This dual cassette player had an EQ and that changed my entire perception of sound and what was possible.

When I was around 13 years old I took over the live sound responsibilities of a local venue in my hometown of Hässleholm. This venue had around 2 concerts every week and I stood there for about 2 years doing these shows and got my experience and bulid my network from there. At the age of 16 I started my own sound company, LAQ Stage Technologies which at the time mostly hired active speakers for my friends partys but today ranges from live consoles to lights.

When i turned 17 I did my first European tour with Cloudscape, we were out on the road for 3 weeks and I’ve been their Front of House engineer ever since.

Today I’m a Producer in RoastingHouse Studio 1 also running my rental company LAQ Stage Technologies and do shows all over Sweden and support smaller local shows with everything from gear to engineers.