Ole Meyer

Ole Meyer

Ole Meyer

Works out of RoastingHouse Studio 1 & 11

Ole Brodersen Meyer grew up in the southern part of Jutland in Denmark with a family who loved music despite no musical background. Ole did not start producing music at a young age, since his childhood belonged to basketball.

His interest in music and underground hip-hop, made him start out as a rap artist, but he was quick to move into the producer chain and explore other musical territories as he experimented with other genres.
The musical interest paid off for Ole, as he very quickly gathered attention and began collaborations with Danish top producers like Cutfather, Soulshock and Jonas Jeberg, which resulted in several international cuts with artists:

Selena Gomez
The Wanted
Madcon just to mention a few.

He has worked with many established artists such as:

Kylie Minoque
Craig David
Ella Eyre
Mr Hudson and many of the boy and girl bands of the UK.

He has worked with writers such as Wayne Hector, Coffee Clarence Jr, Jamie Hartman, Ewan Kidd Bogart and many others.

He runs his own production company “The Lone Wolves”, where the focus in mostly on sync music. The first talent he recruited was the artist Mattis and together they made Mattis’ first solo single ”Loverboy”, which received international recognition and gave Mattis record deals with both Sony in Denmark and Warner in Germany, since then the music has been used in a wide range of movies, TV-shows and commercials.

Words from Ole Brodersen Meyer

Since I have no background in music, nor am I a classical trained musician, I have made my own formula to exploit the organic talent of an artist, whose musicality is the primary component of the collaboration, which I tend to make even better through honest communication, sparring and trust.

My attitude and perfectionism give every production a high level of quality every single time.

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