Per-Linus “Puppe” Westberg

Songwriter/Top Line/Producer/Musician
Genres: Pop/House/Rock

Puppe is an up and coming songwriter/producer who is based in RoastingHouse Studio 4.
He’s a member of the Swedish duo ”Kastrup” where he writes, produces, plays keys & guitars. Kastrup has had succes with songs playing on several swedish radio channels, a lot of blog posts all over the world & syncs for TV-programs and commercials for companies such as 3 & Samsung.
Besides Kastrup he has been doing production/songwriting for others aswell. Last year he did a commercial jingel for one of the biggest swedish telecompany Tele2.
He has also remixed a song by Arash ft T-pain called SLR.
Words from Puppe: I’ve written/produced a lot of different songs in different genres. Mostly Pop/Rock/House. I would say that I have a passion for synth-sounds, especially those who sound ”semi – 80’s”. My main instrument though is guitar, and you will often hear guitar in my productions as well.
What I do most of nowadays is rhythmic pop with strong (or even epic) melodies, with different elements of synths & guitars.