Nikolai Hemmingsson

Nikko lives in Malmö and runs his own Media Production Company ”Enage Media Production and has his own studio at the Roasting House- complex.Born in the late 80’s, grew up in the small village called Blomstermåla. Just to be sure that you get the ridiculous name right it’s ”Flower paint” in poor english.

His childhood was all surrounded by knobs, buttons and displays, he was in his early age fascinated by all kind of technical things, from microscopes to cellphones, old amplifiers to computers. At the age of 7 he got his first portable CD-player anda classical CD, the music from the movie Titanic. Do you remember the quartet from that movie who played to their death?From that moment he got in loved with classical music, he bought all kind of classical CD’s, Strauss, Haydn, Mozart and so on…

At the age of 10 he started to play the piano, and it was from that point he began his music adventure. For a guy who loved playing piano AND techniques, his dream was to have his own keyboard. A piano that had knobs, buttons and a display??? It couldn’t be better!

So one day in year 2000 when Nikolai stayed home from school because of his fever his dad came home with a gift, A KEYBOARD. It was black, it had 200 sounds and a blue-backlighted display. It was a really beautiful piece of machinery (for a kid), and one of Nikolai’s happiest moments in his life.

After one day or two he discovered that he could record on this thing, and he started to write and record his own songs for the first time.

The passion for music grew bigger and bigger for Nikolai and he became for the first time at the age of 12 a band member in a blues band with some older guys from the music school. They played classical blues songs, Led Zeppelin’s ”Kashmir” and other classical rock songs.

Nikolai loved to play all different kind of songs from all kind of music styles, that was a important part of his way to find his own sound.Because of the lack of keyboard players Nikolai was highly wanted as a band member in other bands as well.

He became a member in a metal band and discovered bands such as Dream Theater, Nightwish and Symphony X.

By playing Progressive Metal-covers he took his playing to a whole new level and became a more intelligent musician.

The big interest for music production grew even bigger when he went to upper secondary school and studied music production.

From day one he was in love with the studio at the school and bought after a few months his first home studio. He had a MBOX 2, a condenser microphone, Pro Tools 7 and Reason 4.He produced all kind of music styles, from RnB to Metal, Classical music to Synth.

After Nikolai finished upper secondary school he went to Linnaeus University and continued study Music production for another two years and was still working on finding his own sound. It would take another 3 years after his studies to finally find it, THE sound.