Fredrik Joakimsson

I started playing guitar at the age of 11, thanks to my older brother that brought one home.  After going to music high school program I got more and more into music theory, contemporary music and film scoring. After two years of studying composition at Gotland school of composition I went to the university for a master degree in composition.
During the years I’ve worked with many of the orchestras in Sweden and major chamber ensembles have performed my pieces around the world.

Having a background in both pop/rock and classical music I do a lot of string and orchestral arrangements which is how I got picked up by Roastinghouse in the first place.
Since then I’ve got more and more into writing and producing songs, often with a touch of string or orchestral element as well as writing score oriented music for commercials and film.

Selected works and cuts:
String arrangements, score preparation and conducting for A.C.T’s 4th album

“SilenceBlack Diamond – Japanese jewelry company commercial“One love one goal” the official song for the swedish female soccer team, World Championship 2011

Brass arrangements for Alex Holmgrens song “My love is here today” (Japan release)

Orchestra arrangement for ”Glass Boy”, performed on “Play zone 11″ (CD/DVD release)“

Interlude Japonesque” for Kumi Koda (Gold award)

Producer for Swedish Eurovision song contest “Opa!” debut album “Allting blir bra igen”

Orchestral arrangements of Beyonce’s song Love on top for Koreas adaption of ”American Idol”SM Entertainment film studio logo, DVD header (music and sound FX)

Orchestra arrangement for Korean artist Zhang Liyin song “Thorn Tree”Film score for SHINee music video at K-pop exhibition in Seoul 2012, showed at a open IMAX 3D cinema, mixed in 5.1

String & orchestra arrangements for A.C.T’s 5th album ”Circus pandemonium””

Secret butterfly” cut with Hekiru Shiina, Japan 2014”Gimme Luv” cut with Tomomi Itatno, Japan 2015